A Love Affair with Mason Jars.

I love mason jars. Who doesn’t? No really, I want to know, do people exist out there that don’t love mason jars?? Ever since we used them as our glassware for our wedding reception, I’ve tried to use the leftovers for everything possible. I’ve begun storing all of my beans, rice, oatmeal, coffee and everything else in my kitchen in these well sealed, quaint little jars. Most recently my husband and I started roasting our own coffee in small batches and we store the roasted coffee in mason jars. Problem was, we couldn’t figure out a way to mark them so we knew what they contained. Recently, a blog I follow offered really cute labels to print, cut out and glue to the lids. So I printed them out, bought spray glue and went to town. Unfortunately, the paper ripped and the ink faded within a week. Bummer. Also, for the more temporary roasted coffee, the labels need to constantly change.

Growing tired of less than sticky post-it notes and writing with permanent markers on less than sticky plastic wrap, I devised a solution. Paint the lids with chalkboard paint!

Whether you have a ton of empty mason jars readily on hand or have to go buy some (they are super cheap at any grocery store, feed store, walmart, etc. or try craigslist!),  these jars are a great way to get organized or keep stuff fresh. Now you have an efficient way of labeling your jars too!

We had some chalkboard paint leftover from another project, but you can buy it at any home improvement store. While you’re there, pick up a can of spray primer. In fact, I’d buy the spray paint version of the chalkboard paint and spray primer. Spray works easier because just imagine painting these little lids with somewhat sticky, heavy paint with a paint brush. They slide all over the place and whatever paint you got on the surface you’re painting on beneath the lid, will get on the underside of the lid (although, if you use a piece of tape on the other side, it should help). No bueno, but not a huge deal.

Let the paint dry and color the whole painted side of the lid with chalk. Rub the chalk all over and you’re done! You have to do this step to “primer” the chalk board surface.

Now I have neatly labeled coffee jars. If I really wanted to get fancy, I could write on them with chalk markers…

Because I store everything in mason jars, I spread the love around the whole kitchen. I sure wish my handwriting was cooler.

The possibilities are endless! Let me know what you come up with: oururbanfrontier@gmail.com.

Enjoy!! <3