A little bit about us.


In Spain, there is an expression: “tu media naranja”; it basically refers to finding your better half (of the orange).

This is the blog of Phillip and Tricia, recently married on December 31, 2011. What started as our wedding blog, has now become the blogging adventures of a newly married couple straddling ranch and city life. We started this blog by carefully recording and commenting on the whole wedding planning process as thoroughly as time would allow, so on this blog you will find pictures, tutorials and thoughts about various aspects of wedding planning. Our wedding was a ranch wedding, DIY from the ground up.  Now, however, you will be redirected from phillipandtricia.wordpress.com to oururbanfrontier.com, our new blog home.

We met in October, 2010 through rock climbing with mutual friends, started dating in March and were engaged September 2011.  On the night of the So. Cal power outage in 2011, Phillip took Tricia to a magical plateau where a swing had been hung from a tree.  The question carved into the wood of that swing was answered with “Yes” and a sparkly ring was placed on Tricia’s finger. We said our vows on a hill-top overlooking San Diego County at the top of Phillip’s family ranch not far from that same tree.

 After the wedding, we moved into our beautiful little 500 square foot apartment on that semi-remote Avocado Ranch in San Diego County, California. Attached to the 500 square foot apartment, however, is a giant garage that we affectionately call “The Shop”. Progress of the construction on the apartment and cleaning up the shop to be used as the wedding reception hall are all documented here (with lots of pictures!). It’s pretty much a dream come true for Tricia and second nature for Phillip to live in such a beautiful location out in the boonies with hundreds of square feet to do projects.

This blog will function as the journal of our exciting first year of married life on the ranch. You know, kinda like Pioneer Woman, but with woodworking and gardening thrown in.  :D We want to share not only all of our many projects and crafts from the Shop, but also all of our adventures of living both in the sticks and the city. Since we survived the wedding planning process, we feel we are ready to start the next stage–creating our home. We have embarked on a quest to craft and repurpose thrifted and homemade items into helpful household goods and furniture for our new home. It’s what Phillip and I love to do together.  Crazy ideas, projects, and adventures are sure to follow. If you read this blog and enjoy a post or have a question, I encourage you to leave a comment.

If you have any suggestions for projects that you think we’d be interested in, drop us a line and let us know.

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3 thoughts on “A little bit about us.

    • OK, I saw the rest of the comment in my emails, don’t know why it’s not showing up here. I’m so glad you are following the blog! It’s been so much fun to do these projects with Phil, we are having a blast. I have a lot of fun stuff in the works, so stay tuned, as they say. :)

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