I’m a BzzAgent. What’s that? I signed up here, filled out surveys and now get stuff free in the mail to try out. The products I get are based on the surveys I take, so they are catered to my tastes. I then review the products on the BzzAgent website and Bzz about it on Facebook and Twitter. It’s pretty fun! I’ve only been a part of a few “campaigns”, but so far, I’ve had a blast. To Bzz about the latest campaigns I’m in, I’m writing a blog post to share two cool products I’ve had the privilege of trying out.

Do you like candy? I do. I love M&Ms with peanuts and Snickers bars.

Do you like artificial coloring, hydrogenated stuff, corn syrup, preservatives and GMOs? Me neither.

Good news! There is a company that doesn’t have any of that junk, but tastes just like the top candies available at CVS and other major stores! Incredibly, this company doesn’t use artificial food coloring in their products. Check out the color wheel they have provided on their website. It compares where they get their colors from verses where other candy companies get their colors from. Fascinating!

You can always get “healthy” candy at health food stores, but now this wonderful option is available at places like Walgreens, CVS, etc. Want to know where you can buy it near you, click here.

I’m really thankful for Unreal. Junk is just not necessary. So their taking it out.

So here is their promise to you:


Thanks Unreal!

Campaign #2: Glade.

I bought two oil diffusers from Target (for free with coupons provided by BzzAgent) and put one in the reception area at my office and in my bathroom at home. The office now smells like sweet apple pie and I am constantly hungry. From the moment I put the air freshener out, I’ve received non-stop comments about how good it smells in the office now. I’m not much of an air freshener person. I was raised by a woman that can’t stand perfume. But, these scents are actually very genuine and refreshing. I don’t get a headache with these. :) I have two huge books of coupons to try these for free, so if you are interested, leave a comment.


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