Chick Moment

For starters, here’s a great clip. Do you know people like this? I hope it’s not me. It is isn’t it?

So Polyvore says for Spring 2012, “With the warm season approaching, we’re taking cues from the spring 2012 runways for fresh makeup trends to try. Classic red lips, cat eyes, sun-kissed cheeks, strong brows and smokey eyes are all on the horizon.”

Yeah! These are a few of my favorite things!

Also, I’m in love with chunky rings and bright colors. You can kind see the bright color trend in shoes and even furniture! I can see where the neon trend is going, but I think the farthest I can go is neon purple, which never gets that bright.


These Baggu leather bags and pouches are kinda awesome. Now I’m not wealthy enough to own one of these, but they aren’t terribly priced. I’m going to make my own out of fabric, because I think the design is cute. And I will just dream of the real leather one.

Fork Rings.

This tutorial on More Design Please shows you how to make these. I’ve got a few old forks and spoons laying around and I can’t wait to try it. Two birds with one stone: chunky ring and DIY craft I’ve been wanting to try. Also, the bright furniture I’ve featured here I found on their blog. They incorporate a few neon colored pieces into rooms with relatively neutral colors and simple clean design. I really enjoy the look!

But, I digress…

So, when I said “chick moment”, what I really wanted to tell you about wasn’t shoes and trends. As much as I love exploring current trends and finding a  way to incorporate repurposed products into those current trends… I was actually going to tell you about our newest addition to our household–our chicks! We bought chickens! Yes, just a month ago I was living in a condo in town, now I have chickens.

Phillip and I headed over to the feed store and purchased 3 chickens last Saturday afternoon. They are three different breeds: an Astrolorp, an Americana, and a Dominique. We actually named the Americana and the Dominique after their breed names. I know, really original. The Astrolorp is a tiny little thing, a couple weeks younger than the other two. She is adorable and wont stop peeping. We’re building a coup and a little chicken run behind the shop in what use to be Phillip’s brother’s soccer field when he was a kid. For now, they are in a cardboard box in our dining room. Lovely.

In a few months we will have fresh, free-range, (insert all sorts of other foodie terms) farm eggs. They are super easy. Food + water = chickens that will one day give you a daily supply of eggs.

The youngest is always trying to hide under the other two. We shall call her “Chiquita”.

 “Americana” (on the left) and “Dominique” (on the right).


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