Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse… on the Ranch.

Before I begin, doesn’t this lamp now at Target…

look just like this?

Here’s the tutorial of how to do it. Turn an old brass lamp from a thrift store into a beauty like this.

Home projects again.  Here are some practical and not so practical projects that I’ve been saving up and we hope to tackle this month. The projects are stacking up and I can’t wait to start actually accomplishing them.

Old Door Headboard

Old doors are not terribly hard to come by, but at first glance you may ask, “Where in the world do I find an old door?” Check out Craigslist and consider putting out an add on Craigslist for old doors. Another option for finding old doors, windows, etc. is Architectural Salvage or Builders Trading Co if you are in the San Diego area. Phillip’s dad got a few from a remodel he did, so we snagged it when we were cleaning out the shop.

Here are some other woodworks in the works:

Salvaged wood coffee table

Wood Spool coffee table and bookshelf.

Pallet wood flooring? Here is an article about it.

Have you ever heard of reclaimed wood? There are companies in the area that supply reclaimed wood from buildings that have been remodeled or deconstructed. This is a great way to be conserve and to get a great vintage look for your wood floors and other wood projects!
Here’s an example: Stone Brewery used reclaimed wood for their bar and tables. Personally, I want to do reclaimed wood floors like these.


Record Clock

This record project would be more for classic records you actually want to display, but are not playable.


Room divider

This is a generic picture, but I have some old closet doors that look just like these that we are going to turn into a room divider. In 500 of square feet (the total for our apartment), we have to transform our bedroom into a living space for company as well. We’re going to try this. We’re also going to use it in the Shop to fence off our makeshift dining room. I would like to make it a chevron pattern (AKA Charlie Brown’s t-shirt pattern)! OoooOOOoo. The bed in the picture above has a Chevron comforter pattern. This pattern has totally gone viral over the past year and I just saw Chevron pillows at Target. Finally, I’m going to get on the bandwagon. I’ll post pictures when they are done.


Rake Jewelry Hanger

I think I’m going to put one of these on the inside of the closet door of our wardrobe. We’ll see. Since we live on a ranch, old rakes aren’t hard to come by. They are pretty common in antique stores as well. You might even be able to find some vintage looking ones.


Burlap Picture Matt

So we have a lot of burlap left over from the wedding… this will be the first of many burlap projects to come. Addicted to Decorating gives a tutorial, which says she got the key from Michaels and she painted cheap frames. In addition to this project, she lists 45 other ways to use Jute and Burlap for projects! Personally, I chose about 5 that I think would be really cool to do.

Burlap picture matts

Apartment Therapy does it again, burlap table runners.


Tin Can Candle Lamp

I wanted to make these for the wedding reception, but I didn’t have time. They are so cute! Think of all the canned beans, fruit, or tomato sauce you’ve used in the past year and how awesome your lanterns would be strung up along your back patio.

I’ll post pictures as we actually accomplish this stuff…

Have any cool repurposing projects that you’ve done lately?


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