Vinyl-ittle Why Don’t You

OK, so January was not such a productive craft month for Phillip and I. Life was busy as we settled into our new place. We got back from out honeymoon and immediately went to work laying down our wood floors. My mom had purchased the flooring on sale from Home Depot to be used as our dance floor and with the hope that we could use it for our kitchen as well. We sure did and it looks beautiful! Phillip put the whole floor down himself while I mostly watched and helped a little. I cut a piece or two with the chop saw. Now that Phillip has shown me the ropes with the chop saw (see the post about our centerpiece boxes for more on that), I feel like a pro. Give me anything and I can cut it at any angle. Phillip was also pretty pro at laying down the flooring even though he’s never done it before.

Next, the shop. The shop is to be our future workshop and we are in the process of setting it all up. Unfortunately, we have to focus a bit on creating storage and organizing it before we can begin other projects and finish the rest of our apartment.  I’ve been pinteresting “storage” and “organization”… wow. So many cool options.

Now that we’re getting the preliminary stuff out of the way, such as unpacking boxes and actually moving in, we are on our way to decorating and crafting. Here are some of the smaller projects lined up for the month. A little bit of vinyl action, some pallet stuff and a cinderblock wall. Honestly, the only thing that holds all of these things together is that I’ve been wanting to do them for months and just really want to finish them.

Speaking of vinyl, Phillip and I picked up a Tom Waits album while we were on Haight Street in San Francisco. We stopped by Amoeba Records and decided to expand our small record collection. Phillip has a very nice set of records (60s and 70s stuff) that I can’t wait to play. We have a record player that a friend gave me for sewing his pants, but we can’t get it to work.


Cinderblock succulent wall.

I think we may build one of these on our porch this month.


Vinyl Records

Vinyl record food bowl and mail holder.

Here are some other bowl designs.

Vinyl wall clock

Cake, sweet stuff plate.

I’m not going to make all of these things, but I will make a cake plate, but curve up the edges so the plates have a bit of an edge to them so things down fall out.



I learned a fun fact about Phillip, he collected keys when he was younger. Interesting.

Buy vintage keys in bulk. Key projects are super trendy right now, so collecting keys when you can is a good idea. You can do so much with them!


Wood pallets

Book shelves.

These would work great for cookbooks, magazines and pictures if you cut the front board down a bit.

Porch swing.

I’d probably use chain instead of rope and a different stain if any. You could even paint it a color, like red or yellow. Oooo.

Living wall.

Ok so I had to sneak it in again. I love this thing! I’m giving it to my matron of honor as a gift. BUT, I have enough succulents left over to make another one. Happiness.


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