Sometimes It’s Cute to be Cold

It was cold in southern California for a couple weeks. Honest. Some may think that I’m silly for calling 50 degree weather cold, but remember that most southern Californians A) don’t even own cold weather clothing and B) definitely aren’t used to it. Plus, neither my work nor our new home have regular heat. On the ranch, as you may know, we live off the grid. Off the grid meaning the city grid. We get our power from a diesel powered generator and our water pumped from a well.  The generator only runs about 6 hours a day, three at night and three hours in the morning. Since it has to be manually started and is about 200 feet from our houses, it usually doesn’t run until the day is well underway. When the generator is not on, everything runs on batteries that are charged when the generator runs. Unfortunately, batteries are limited in what they can power and we have to be conservative with our usage when we are running on them. Ergo, we don’t have enough power to run our space heaters early in the morning and before the generator comes on at night. Needless to say, it gets cold. Even if we are in southern California, temps can drop pretty dramatically at night out here because we so far inland from the coast. We run the heaters when we can and the rest of the time we bundle up in ugg boots and sweaters–inside. I know, someone reading this is saying, “You have no room to talk, it’s snowing where I am”. This is true, I just want you to know that it’s not always warm and sunny in Socal.

I don’t really break out the scarves very often, but that’s going to change asap. I like wearing scarves, but I recently discovered something that will make scarf wearing just a little better–scarf charms! I just discovered them, so I hope that winter lasts a little longer around here so I can enjoy the fad. Wouldn’t a little typewriter key pin holding your scarf together look cute? I think so. Have other stuff you want to pin to your scarf, they have a pin for that. Also, this winter cowl scarves (a type of scarf that’s just like the neck part of a turtleneck sweater) have been a big hit and I’ve found a few designs that I want to copy.

A few projects here that I want to do before it gets warm again.

Green t-shirt scarf starfish charm with sea glass.

Typewriter key

Tan giant button down cowl

(I’m so making this one asap. Just crochet a scarf, which is like the easiest thing to do and put some awesome, over sized buttons on it. Done.)

Yellow braided cowl

Purple silver beaded t-shirt scarf

White cotton scarf with charm

(I don’t necessary like the wings, but the idea of the charm. FWIW, I haven’t seen any charms that I love yet, so I think making vintage/rustic scarf charms would be a great idea.)

Just in case you missed the trend, the purple scarf on the bottom is made out of t-shirts. Here is a great tutorial from Method on t-shirt scarves. They call them “hipster scarves”. So far, they have been “pinterest scarves”, attracting the DIY scene on Pinterest. Here is another one by Cotton and Curls. She makes this sweet scarf…

BTW, I was snooping around for more t-shirt scarf tutorials and stumbled upon this blog post of 101 t-shirt makeovers. Whoa. Now that’s repurposing.

After showing this post to Phillip (he wasn’t around when I wrote it), he said, “Can you make me a man scarf?”


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