Oh Yeah, New Years Resolutions!

Phillip and I technically got married last year, but I feel like a honeymoon is a great way to start a new year! We are super excited to design and decorate our new home, start a ton of projects and just be a happy married couple. We are enjoying married life, but there is just never enough time to spend with one another… this working 9-5 thing is really getting in the way. OK, so maybe it’s essential to life, but I can’t wait for Phillip and I to start get our hands dirty on some home projects.

Now that wedding planning is over, I’ve found myself actually reading my google reader again. It feels so good to get back in touch with old “friends”. Not that I actually know any of the bloggers I follow, but I feel like I know them. I’ve made a resolution to comment on more of my favorite blogs and actually give feedback. Who knows, maybe I’ll actually make connection with the artists behind these fantastic blogs!

I’m also investing more time in the blog to help improve it. I purchased a domain name, so now the blog phillipandtricia.wordpress.com will redirect you to oururbanfrontier.com. Yay! I’m hoping to journal our exciting first year of married life and life on the ranch. You know, kinda like Pioneer Woman, but of the hipster variety that live 15 minutes from the mall, in southern California, but live on a ranch. :D I want to share all of our projects and crafts, along with all of our adventures here in the sticks and in the the city. Hopefully it will be a blog that DIYers, crafters and those who just love to look at cool pictures of DIY stuff will benefit from. If you read this blog and enjoy a post or have a question, I encourage you to leave a comment.

Other resolutions? Here are a few for me…

I saw these prints on a favorite blog of mine, A Pair of Pears (their last name is Bartlett!) and had to do my own. Chris Streger at toresolveproject.com started creating new years resolutions prints and has gathered together a host of fabulous designers. He also provides a template so you can create your own! Sweet!

1. I always come away from conversations wishing I had talked less and asked more questions.

2. This applies to starting businesses and climbing. I’m a huge wus.

3. Contentment is not my strong suit. I always want more and fail to love what I have. I think that is one of the best parts of the repurposing movement, I can take something I have a renew it.

4. Now a bit harder since I live in the sticks, but I hope to start biking a little more. I need a new bike… shoot… must remember number 3.

5. The hardest one of all. I want to learn Spanish before we take our trip to Spain, read like 5 different books at the moment, get chickens (and maybe a goat), plant a garden, build a patio, practice more photography, learn how to letterpress, do a project every week for our house (for the blog), etc. etc. The list goes on and on.

Here is to a great first year of marriage!


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