Wedding Projects Completed.

Phillip and I bonded over projects. First major project was refinishing a pair of night stands that I got off of Craigslist (they are what we use to this day). We then created a cork board from an old frame that I was given for letting a couple friends have a garage sale at my house. The only reason they gave it to me was because it didn’t sell. No glass, no back, just gold painted frame. Sweet! I had a large bag of corks I’d been collecting over the years (roommates thought I was crazy) from the time I was a cocktail waitress. It took every last cork to complete this cork board, but it looks amazing and has been featured in two weddings so far. Needless to say more, Phillip and I thrive off of the next project. So naturally when it was time for us to plan a wedding, we created a list of projects that we could do. I’ve attempted to record the process and now present the finish product in two posts. If you are interested in tutorials of how we did any of these projects, just out our DIY Projects and Crafts tab. Most of these photos were taken by our wonderful photographer, Jon Upson.


The Living Wall:

The Cork Board:

The Grapevine Wreaths:

The Centerpieces and Burlap Table Runners:


The Bouquets and Boutonnieres:

For fear that I wouldn’t get a good picture of it, I took one in our hotel, still hanging on his jacket. FYI, these stayed beautiful… I still have them almost a month later and they look exactly the same as they did when I first made them. A very low maintenance option. We wrapped the stems in jute.

The Winebarrel belly tables:

OK, so these aren’t the finished product, but at least you can see how we used them and where. It’s really hard to get good shots of your own wedding. Remember that we purchased some barrels off of craigslist for rather cheap and we’ll be turning them into some fun projects soon.


There are a few other projects that will come in another post, such as the cake plates, the signs, the guestbook, and much more!


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