Almost finished: Apartment Photo Update

We have a new address! You know how we got it? Phillip mailed me a letter and Phillip’s dad put up a mailbox at the end of the road. Done. I received my first letter this week, making our address official. Not very technical and probably not technically the way to do it by the book, but it worked! Phillip wrote me a beautiful letter welcoming me to life on Rockwood Road.

Another new addition: cement and lots of it.

We also got carpet! So close to being finished! The finishing touches are going in this week and I am moving in this weekend!

 And IKEA furniture! Yay!


2 thoughts on “Almost finished: Apartment Photo Update

  1. Tricia, Phillip & his dad sure are doing a great job getting your new home ready. The way they established your new address & welcomed you to the neighborhood was very efficient & sweet. It has been fascinating to watch as everything has come together. Ernie has been watching too. I want you both to meet her the next time you come up to my house.

  2. Hey! That dresser looks familiar! We have it in our entry hall…. yeah, I know we have a lot of space, we love it though!! Can´t wait to see this all in person in two days! and more importantly to see you guys!!

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