Getting Stuff Done–3 Weeks To Go


This past week Phillip and I sat down to give our to do list a really good once over. We figured out what we needed to do for the week and what would need to be done on Saturday (our most valuable day of the week). We have 3 weeks exactly to get everything done and a really long to-do list. Everything seems really random now, because it’s pulling together all of the last minute details. There are still a few projects left…

So we headed to Home Depot to pick up some supplies and we found some cheap shepherd’s hooks for outside of the reception hall (aka the shop, in the dirt). These are about 5 ft high and cost about $8.


We saw some examples at a local Mexican restaurant in Escondido…


Here is one reason not to do a DIY wedding in December. This is the line at Jo-Ann’s midweek at 1 PM on my lunch break.


Phillip picked up his suit from alterations!


We also went to a nursery that Phillip found on Craigslist. It was out in the middle of De Luz and it was super sketchy, but we found cheap olive trees. We are going to be using trees for decoration in the ceremony and in the reception (I wasn’t really into the royal wedding stuff, but the use of trees in the chapel… love it! I’m hoping this catches on. This is our early morning olive tree run…


and I just had to post a random picture of Phillip in his awesome project outfit.



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