DIY Succulent Bouquets


I completed a test run for my succulent bouquet and to my surprise it was super easy! I haven’t looked into how much it would cost to actually have these made professionally, but I imagine that it would be quite expensive because they are so trendy right now. All you need is wire and floral tape  to create a stem for the succulents because they don’t have very long stems. I purchased these from Michaels for a few bucks.


I purchased some peacock feathers, hawk feathers, wheat and some other random dried flowers to use as filler and to add color.



Buy large and small succulents to create some variety. I chose some green and some more purple succulents. I also chose the succulent below to add some character! It looks pretty wild, but it looks great in the arrangement.

To start, remove the dirt from the succulent.





Then put the wire in the stem and begin wrapping it with floral tape. Pull the floral tape as you go and it will stretch and cling to itself like saran wrap. Wrap from the base of the succulent all the way down the wire to whatever length you want.


After you have wrapped a couple of succulent stems, put them together and add in the filler as you like. Then wrap all of the stems in floral tape. Unfortunately, it’s sticky so you will have to wrap it with ribbon or jute. I used a fake white rose from Michaels to see how it looked, but I plan on using a real one. I will probably use a pencil to hold the place for the flowers and make the bouquets two days early then add the flowers in the day of. The succulent bouquets will last for a very long time without water and still look great. Mine is going on a week and looks great!  I’ll write a post of the official bouquets after the wedding is over and all of the pictures of the bouquets are in. Enjoy!







Us goofing around at the bridal shower.

<3 Tricia Lynn



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