Another Apartment Photo Update

Cabinets were installed Saturday!  After much deliberation we finally decided to go with Kitchen Emporium for the kitchen cabinets.  The color is espresso and the other selling points are the door-trim style, all wood construction (opposed to particle board), pullout drawer-shelves in the lower cupboards, and the self closing hinges.   The installed price was good which meant it could get done fast.   We had looked at Home Depot on-the-floor cabinets, IKEA cabinets, and most recently new all wood cabinets through Restore (the Habitat for Humanity store).   When it came down to it our espresso ones were by far the nicest and with move in day fast approaching we stretched the cabinet budget a little and went for it.

The actual layout that was decided on also seems to be great.   It is certainly rewarding to see decisions that took so much effort to make turn out so well.  Sometimes you feel like you are really over thinking and wasting precious time as you hammer out the details.  We have many opinions involved in this project with consensus sometimes being hard to find.  But I think today there is consensus that all the time spent exploring the options in the kitchen has paid off.






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