Finding (and making) Decor Items

Instead of going to the mall on Black Friday, Phillip and I headed to St. Vincent di Paul’s thrift store where everything was 50% off. We found a few goodies and headed over to Valley Thrift for more. It took a little convincing, probably the hardest I’ve ever had to work at getting Phillip to see my vision, but eventually he agreed that this piece was a good buy. It was a little pricey for the thrift store, but I’ve been keeping my eye out for stain glass ever since and it’s so expensive! So in the end, this was a super good buy. I plan on putting it up on the walls of the shop as decoration (the walls of the shop are just wood framing, so I’m slowly gathering ideas for how to decorate it enough so they aren’t too bare). I’ve got a living wall going, these glass doors and some grape vine wreaths. I think I might put fake candles in mason jars and put them up around the place… not sure. They best part is that I’ll be able to use all of these things in our new apartment–stoked!

I recently found a free option for one of the decorations I wanted to use–grapevine wreaths. Since it is a winter wedding and wreaths are all the rage in winter, I thought I’d buy a couple to put on the walls of the shop. It’s a very large building and the walls are simple framing and metal so they are in need of some decor. Then I stumbled upon a grapevine wreath at Joann’s and the wheels started turning. Both of our parents have small grapevines in their yards and they trim them in the winter! So I called my mom and had her request that the gardener set them aside for us. Phillip and I picked them up and a day later we had 5 beautiful grapevine wreaths. They are super simple to make and they even have leaves and little curly vines coming out of them. I even saw tutorials on-line of fabric flowers attached to them and all sorts of things. I’m super exited about this project.

Here they are drying out in the rafters of Phillip’s garage.
We also completed our living wall!
We were very happy indeed, because this project was a beast. Not only are pallets heavy to begin with, but once you fill them with dirt… they are immovable. I have no idea how we are going to hang this on the shop wall, but Phillip is convinced that some bolts and chains will work.

2 thoughts on “Finding (and making) Decor Items

    • Thanks!!! BTW, I’m a huge fan of your blog! :D You’ve inspired me to remake so many thrift store finds! Your designs are beautiful!

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