Ceremony Venue Change

It’s 74 degrees outside in December. This calls for an outdoor ceremony! :D I know it’s crazy, but we’ve been keeping this on the back burner with the hope that the weather would be beautiful enough to have the wedding outside. The forecast looks great so we will be having the ceremony at the Howerzyl Ranch at 4:20 PM to accommodate any guests who show up at Westminster and have to make their way over to the Ranch. The directions are located here on the blog under the wedding page>directions.

Keep in mind that the ceremony will now be in an open field (hard dirt really) so dress appropriately. You can still wear your heels, but it just might be a little harder to walk around. :) Bring a coat and wear your nylons! The ceremony will only be 30 minutes long, so it will be short and sweet.


Copy Cat

I’m not much of a royal stalker, but I did catch a glimpse of the royal wedding. I thought the live trees in the chapel were a brilliant touch. With that said, we’ve been searching high and low for the perfect trees. We’ve looked at olive, citrus and some others, but we couldn’t seem to find the right tree shape until this weekend. We stopped by a nursery in Fallbrook and found two giant cypress trees in 15 gallon pots which were very inexpensive. They kinda looked like christmas trees, but also reminded us of the trees we hike near all the time. They are tall and well shaped so they will make an impression, but they are also in small buckets so they will be super easy to transport. We got a couple of Italian cypress, the long pointy trees, and lavender for the ceremony as well. The best part is that we are not only decorating our ceremony, but we are also landscaping our new home! We also purchased a few fruit trees for good measure, so we can enjoy the fruits of our labor soon.



Almost finished: Apartment Photo Update

We have a new address! You know how we got it? Phillip mailed me a letter and Phillip’s dad put up a mailbox at the end of the road. Done. I received my first letter this week, making our address official. Not very technical and probably not technically the way to do it by the book, but it worked! Phillip wrote me a beautiful letter welcoming me to life on Rockwood Road.

Another new addition: cement and lots of it.

We also got carpet! So close to being finished! The finishing touches are going in this week and I am moving in this weekend!

 And IKEA furniture! Yay!

The Bachelorette

For my bachelorette party my friends took me on a cruise around San Diego Bay. They rented a sail boat for a few hours (along with it’s captain) and treated me to champagne and a cheese plate. We relaxed as we sailed around the bay on an almost glassy calm sea. Then we headed over to a super swanky movie theater in Del Mar called Cinapolis. It’s complete with a bar, reclining leather chairs and a wait staff. Amazing!

A sneak peak into the movie theater… crazy! I’m never watching movies at a regular theater again!

I Even Hear it in the Radio


“In the meadow we can build a snowman,
Then pretend that he is Parson Brown,

He’ll say: Are you married?,
We’ll say: No man,
But you can do the job
When you’re in town.

Later on, we’ll conspire,
As we dream by the fire
To face unafraid,
The plans that we’ve made,
Walking in a winter wonderland.”

–Walking in a Winter wonderland

DIY Wood Cover Guestbook

We completed our guestbook…finally. We’ve been working on this project since October, but haven’t spent much time on it. We saw a picture on pinterest of a wood photo book and the wheels turned. We began on a smaller photo book, using the screws, but we decided to make this into a guestbook. I purchased 12″ x 12″ scrapbook inserts in the plastic covers and some screws made for photobooks (like the ones we took off of the other album). I’m going to put photo corners on the pages and have everyone sign the pages. I liked other ideas for guestbooks, i.e. a guestbook thumb print tree, keys to success jar, etc. etc. but I don’t have the room on my walls or in my cabinets to keep things like that, so I went with a nice coffee table photo album that can function as a guestbook and our wedding album. We bought some wood from Home Depot, cut it into 12″ x 13″ squares and went to work.

We made the wood squares a little bit bigger than the scrapbooking pages.

The scrapbook pages and the screws we got from Michaels…

We stenciled the written stuff in pencil and did some wood burning.

Punched some holes in the wood with a leather hole punch (but a battery drill would work good) and put the screws and pages in.

For the hinges, we used an old leather belt. We cut two pieces to be the hinges with scissors and burned the edges to blacken them a little so they didn’t look freshly cut. Instead of punching a whole in the leather and putting the screw in the leather to attach it to the wood, we devised another plan. It would be too thick to fit the leather, the pages and the wood all in one screw. So, we attached the pages with the screw and used upholstery tacks to attached the leather hinges.

The screw is concealed under the leather.
And this is what it looks like on the other side (the inside). The tacks are hammered down and the pages will go on that bolt and be screwed in.
The cover piece of wood doesn’t have the screws, only the upholstery nails as seen in this photo. The pages are now in and the screws are in.
Now for some cover work. We made a snap to close the book from the same belt.
Finished product. :D

Getting Stuff Done–3 Weeks To Go


This past week Phillip and I sat down to give our to do list a really good once over. We figured out what we needed to do for the week and what would need to be done on Saturday (our most valuable day of the week). We have 3 weeks exactly to get everything done and a really long to-do list. Everything seems really random now, because it’s pulling together all of the last minute details. There are still a few projects left…

So we headed to Home Depot to pick up some supplies and we found some cheap shepherd’s hooks for outside of the reception hall (aka the shop, in the dirt). These are about 5 ft high and cost about $8.


We saw some examples at a local Mexican restaurant in Escondido…


Here is one reason not to do a DIY wedding in December. This is the line at Jo-Ann’s midweek at 1 PM on my lunch break.


Phillip picked up his suit from alterations!


We also went to a nursery that Phillip found on Craigslist. It was out in the middle of De Luz and it was super sketchy, but we found cheap olive trees. We are going to be using trees for decoration in the ceremony and in the reception (I wasn’t really into the royal wedding stuff, but the use of trees in the chapel… love it! I’m hoping this catches on. This is our early morning olive tree run…


and I just had to post a random picture of Phillip in his awesome project outfit.