My Favorite Part So Far

Buying stuff. After the initial stages of planning out what I wanted the reception to look like and figuring out exactly what I needed to purchase, I set out to find the best deals online. I haven’t had a single bad experience yet ordering things online for the reception–I’m amazed and overjoyed! Sometimes wholesale or bulk websites seem a little sketchy or random and you’re not quite sure what you’ll get in the mail or how long it will take. I received top quality items in less than two weeks for all of the vendors below. I highly recommend them all! I think I’ve purchased all of the bulk items that I’ll need–everything from lanterns for the tables to Pashmina scarves for the guests if they get too cold. I really couldn’t wait for this stage of the planning process, when everything would finally be in my hands. I have a google document that I’m using as my wedding spreadsheet that I created during the preliminary planning process to keep track of everything. In it I keep track of all of my ideas, all of the tasks before me and all of the items that I need to purchase and by when I needed to purchase them (rough guestimations based on online wedding timelines). I probably could have waited to order some stuff, because it came so quickly, but it really gives me some peace of mind to actually have all of this stuff already.

I ordered a roll of Burlap from for $1.50 a yard. It only took about a week and a half to arrive and the shipping was only $11!

This is the mock up of the table with the burlap table runners and centerpiece boxes (sorry about the mess in the background. We work in the shop, so there is “shop” stuff around and we are in the middle of construction).

Phillip cutting the strips for the table runners. The roll of burlap came in a 40″ wide roll (see that pallet in the background? Be on the look out for a post on our construction of a living wall with a wood pallet!)

We cut them into 42′ (enough for 5, 8′ tables) x 13.5″ wide strips. We are not quite sure how the tables will be set up exactly so we just cut strips long enough for four tables with a foot or two extra at each end and we can cut them down if we set up the tables differently.

I also ordered sparklers for the send off (rather than rose petals or rice), because it fits the holiday! I ordered them on Amazon through Onlinefireworks. They were so reasonably priced compared to others (thank you WeddingBee forum!)! I purchased 48, assuming that only a fraction of the guests will still be around by the send off at 10ish.

I am collecting mason jars for beverages at the reception as well. I scored 6 of them at a thrift store on Black Friday for $.25 ea, but the majority of the jars will be supplied by friends and family. Phillip’s mom, sister-in-law and a friend from church are all supplying me with their large collections of mason jars. Woohoo!

My mom and I picked up 22 lanterns from IKEA the other day, because we were worried that they might run out (yeah, right). They are a little pricey, but since we’ve gone pretty cheap on the centerpieces thus far and since it was important to her that I have more on the tables, we splurged. These will be in the center of every table.

While on the look out for wedding jewelry on Pinterest, I found a beautiful tree necklace on Etsy from Morgan Prather. It just arrived in a beautiful package. I love it!

Lastly, I ordered 35 green pashminas from Fashion Unic (I think they were going for “unique”, not someone who has been castrated!). They shipped in a week or so and each of them was wrapped individually in a plastic bag. I’m pleased with the quality and the color.

So now Phillip and I have rooms full of stuff and the piles keep getting bigger…


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Part So Far

  1. Hi you two Love Birds! Looks like a lot of fun you two are having! See you at the Wedding!

    The Eberhardts, Steven, Jennifer and Jason

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