Status Update on the Apartment Construction

We have had a productive weekend on the Howerzyl Ranch! The drywall and primer is complete and the painting will be finished on Monday. All of the light fixtures were purchased on Saturday and the kitchen/bathroom cabinets will be ordered on Tuesday. The apartment is really coming along quickly and that makes me super happy!  I can spend less time worrying about where we will live and more time worrying about silly wedding details. Yay!

This is the latest picture of the soon-to-be kitchen. The light in the background is the open shop door and the staircase up to the bedroom.

The front door and “living room/dining room”. We don’t really have room for both, so we are trying to figure out what to do with this space.

The stairs. My favorite feature in this apartment. I love how tall the ceiling is as you walk up the staircase. I plan to turn this whole wall into a picture wall. Even though wedding planning is taking a lot of time, my Pinterest pinning is starting to morph from wedding stuff into decor.

The french doors in our bedroom looking out into the shop. The apartment’s stairs are too narrow and have a corner for easy access of furniture, so french doors have been put in on the top floor for easy access. They will double as AC in the summer with the shop doors open.

Our bedroom. Our bed will go up against the far short wall. I love the vaulted ceilings in this top floor, it’s gonna be so nice with the double doors and the windows open to the beautiful rolling hills.

The bathroom. No room for a tub and it’s small, but I think it will be perfect. There is a nice storage area under the staircase that they built into the bathroom.

Looking at the french doors and the shop door of the apartment from inside of the shop. They are going to be painting this wall a light brown color to make it resemble an outside wall. The rest of the shop is uninsulated metal and wood framing.


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