Wedding Suits

I really didn’t want to wear a formal tuxedo or have the groomsmen wear them for our wedding.  I have never enjoyed renting tuxedos or wearing them for that matter.  I was a bridesman at my sister’s wedding and wore a sleek Spanish suit which I now wear to church when I’m feeling formal.  Fortunately Tricia was on board with the idea of the groom wearing a vested suit.  I searched around on the old internet and decided I wanted a light, tan colored suit to match our wedding’s style.  Winter beside; Southern California is heading for a green Christmas anyway with the fall rains.

I ran through a few stores and browsed over websites but eventually I just hit the mall with Tricia.  I was ecstatic when we found a tan vested suit at the first store we looked at–JCPenney.  Because it was on sale it proved a bit more of a challenge to find a few of the sizes my groomsmen needed, but all in all easier than I expected it to be.   Now to find the ties and shirts (not quite as daunting).  And shoes, too.  Anyone know who has a good selection of skinny ties?


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