The Centerpieces

I can’t believe it. I am stunned. We finished 44 wood boxes in one night. Bravo!

Back-up. After a month of pinning on Pinterest, I decided that I wanted a wood box with succulents in pots as the centerpiece and favors all in one.  My maid of honor and I priced box at Michaels at $5.99 a pop. Ouch! So Phillip, my fiance, without hesitation and full assurance stated simply as a fact that we could build them. Now, I call myself DIY, but even I have limits. He went on to explain that the construction was rather simple and I needn’t worry. “OK” I said, with my feelers out for other options. Well, sure enough we planned a night for a few friends to come over and help with construction, purchased the plywood from Home Depot for about $60 and got to it.

The shop was below 50 degrees, so it was a bitterly cold night to be working (can you tell I’m Californian?). Two friends joined our crazed adventure, both women who had never used a saw before. I was excited for this to be something to check off our to-do list, because it’s a rather large item and I was excited that we got to spread the DIY love! The girls came ready to work! They learned how to use the chop saw and the staple gun and assembled 44 small wood boxes in a couple of hours.  Phillip was on the table saw cutting the big sheets into the height of the sides and bottoms and the girls were cutting the length down to size. I’m not sure how it happened, but I had just so happened to bring my peacock and tree rubber stamps, so we added a little flair to our little boxes and loaded them up with succulents.

I plan on selling these boxes as soon as the wedding is over, so if anyone is interested in purchasing 40 wood boxes, perfect for 4, 3″ pots, just let me know! You could have flowers, herbs or succulents in pots and it doubles as the centerpiece and the favor! The best part is, that herbs and succulents are cheap in bulk and if you have a hook up with a nursery, even better. I just left the plants in the tan plastic pots they came in, but you could plant them in clay pots as well for a special touch. I have a wood burning tool, so this could get ridiculously fun if you wanted it to.

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