Rock Climbing Before Counseling


I have found it very difficult to get out and do any rock climbing ever since we’ve been engaged.  Because our wedding date is rapidly approaching (we will be married in less than 2 months!), other things take priority.  We met rock climbing and both love this sport a lot, but wedding planning has taken over almost every spare moment! Planning a wedding in 3 months, unlike what I used to think, is not easily done. This past Wednesday we stopped by the Vertical Hold climbing gym on the way to pre-marital counseling to see how our arms would hold up.   We had fun roping up and climbing some routes, but we did wear out pretty quickly and my toes hurt being crammed into those shoes. No problem, we had to get over to the church anyway. We both really enjoyed getting out and doing something fun together, even if it was only for an hour or so.

We are doing pre-marital counseling with Tricia’s pastor.  We will do about six sessions simply making sure we know what we are getting ourselves into and fully understand its significance.   The sessions are based on going through R.C. Sproul’s book The Intimate Marriage and John Piper’s This Momentary Marriage.   Marriage is an awesome picture of Christ and his church.  Christ loves the church self-sacrificially.  The church is his treasure whom he has purchased and whom he is perfecting to serve him.  This picture both helps us understand what Christ’s love for us tangibly looks like and what our marriage is supposed to display.   We are indeed looking forward to taking the marriage covenant vows and to begin living this picture as best we can.


Marriage counseling is both sobering and encouraging. Sobering because even though we are sure we want to marry one another, it is not assumed by the counselor that we will get married. Not until the vows are said, is it assumed that we will be married. We are faced with the question, “are you sure that you want to marry one another?” First response is “Yes! Of course, that’s why we are here.” However, as we spend time in the reading and considering the severity of the marriage vow, we realize that just because you are infatuated with one another and you are engaged, you still need to consider the nature of marriage and what is involved in the vows you will take on your wedding day. At first, marriage counseling seems like something on your to-do list to tick off, but it’s not. It’s to prepare you for the main event of your wedding day. With all of the preparations that you undertake, it’s easy to forget. The most significant thing that takes place on your wedding day is your vow! So marriage counseling is so helpful, to clear up what you are vowing and ways to help you keep your vow and to forgive and ask for forgiveness if you ever fail or your spouse ever fails… and they will!

While the vows are the most important aspect of the wedding day, wedding preparation is important. I don’t want to down play the significance of a wedding celebration and reception. Christ himself saved a wedding reception from utter catastrophe by supplying a beautiful wine when performed his first miracle. Wedding celebrations are significant events for family and friends alike. So we are not only spending every waking moment wedding planning, but also spending time reading our homework for marriage counseling class, discussing it with one another and with the pastor–gleaning everything we can, knowing that we have the rest of our marriage to continue this “education.”


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