Building our Home

This past Saturday, Phillip and I along with his father finished putting up the insulation and some of the drywall in the apartment. We started the Saturday early by visiting a high end appliance store that was going out of business. We played with all of the mock kitchens and found a steal of a fridge for less than $300! We are going with stainless steel and black appliances. So our first kitchen appliance is purchased!

We then headed back to the apartment to do some work. After I tied on my tool belt, complete with measuring tape, a box cutter and screws, I learned how to screw drywall in and went to town on cutting and stuffing insulation into the framing. We moved everything out of the apartment and swept the place out. It was a very good feeling sweeping up a thick layer of dirt and scraps off the floor. I attacked every cobweb in the place and finally got to dust off the windows to reveal what will soon be our beautiful view of rolling hills.

We did a mock kitchen set up ourselves with our new fridge and a cabinet that Phillip’s dad had in the shop. We finalized our cabinet set-up and the layout of the kitchen to be the most space efficient set-up we could come up with. There isn’t much room for a dinning room table, but it’s just big enough for about 6 people if they really squeeze in! We’ll be doing a lot of entertaining outside on the porch or in the shop…

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