Bed, Bath, and going Bananas…

Phillip and I have had the awesome task of registering for gifts. Neither of us were particularly excited about doing this, because we don’t want to register for stuff we don’t need, neither of us are particularly interested in acquiring a bunch of new stuff (both of us love to thrift so paying full price erks us) and we are pressed for time.

Deciding everything that you need in a few visits to Bed, Bath and Beyond hardly seems to be enough. We did an in-store visit one evening and got the cool gun to run around with. The sales person was uber-friendly and helpful. She loaded us up with helpful information and booklets. In my limited experience, it seems like Bed, Bath and Beyond has wedding registries down– no joke. She explained the pros and cons of stainless steel and non-stick aluminum to us–which was our biggest dilemma. She also slammed a plate down on the desk to show us how strong bone china was, compared to stoneware…it scared me half to death! But she got the message across–china is stronger than regular dishes! No wonder it lasts so long, passing from generation to generation, while my Ikea junk last 3 years max before its got chips in it. So after a couple of hours we retired.

Then we sat down a night or two and decided which pots and pans set we should register for and which dutch oven was cost effective. I decided on a china pattern I liked, double checked it with Phil and tagged that too. It starts to get fun as you get more in your registry, because then you can go to other registries, like William Sonoma and find special stuff there, then go back to BB&B and take it off that registry. We’ve registered for a few things on both registries, but in different amounts. We registered for a Wustof knife set realizing that it is a ridiculously expensive gift, but left it on there in case anyone was feeling crazy. Then we registered for the individual knives. It’s a lot of pressure to pick the color scheme and style of your entire house while at BB&B, so I’m taking it slow. I think I’ll focus on the kitchen stuff, towels and sheets and we can pick out decorations and furniture later.

We also registered on While their universal registry seems cool, I foresee some problems. Returning gifts seems like a nightmare with this. Your guests have to go to the site and mark that they have purchased a gift if its not through one of their participating vendors. If it is through one of their participating vendors, then they all sync with and the stores, so it’s all good. So I suggest that if you like their vendors, a few examples are William Sonoma, Target, Amazon, then I say register through just so your guests can see it all in one place. Don’t register for random stuff on the internet (I say this before having gone through the whole process, so the jury isn’t out yet).

I’m going to register at William Sonoma, Crate and Barrel, and Bed Bath and Beyond. I might just ditch the thing. We’ll see.

So rule of thumb is that you should have a gift per guest and then a little more, because your guest may want to buy more than just that $6 bottle opener. We might have 200 guests, so that is 200 gifts, plus say 40! Shopping has never been so hard. I love how things that seem fun, i.e. wedding dress shopping, shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond, etc. sound fun and normally are, but when a wedding is on the line, everything is hyper emotional, rushed, and stressful. I have potentially spent a lot of money so far just registering for gifts so it’s quite a bit of pressure to make sure I’m getting stuff that people will want to purchase and want to give as a gift.

It will be fun to set up a new home together with all the gifts given by family and friends. You are literally helping us build our home. :)


2 thoughts on “Bed, Bath, and going Bananas…

  1. I LOVE your blog picture! is it one that your engagement photographer took? Can you send me the file for it and any other pictures of you and phil you like? i need some pictures of you guys for decorative purposes :)

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