DIY Project Update

We’ve successfully completed a few of our DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. I’m beginning to realize how silly it is to use the words DIY around the Howerzyl Ranch. As Phillip has explained, DIY is a way of life on the ranch. I guess the city girl in me that loves crafts is so used to saying “DIY” because it’s a trendy way of talking right now. I look forward to this being a way of life and no longer simply just a hobby.

We have a lot more to go, but our first round of cake plates for the reception were a success! Because we’ve thrown out the traditional tiered cake and swapped it for a whole table of hand made cakes by family and friends, we need cake plates to give the table a little bit of depth. This simple project is such a great way to save money because they can be so expensive at $20-$30 a pop! BTW, I found this idea on Pinterest. You can create not only cake plates, but also multilayer cupcake stands and appetizer platters. The more platters, bowls and plates I encounter, the more I’m seeing that this project has no bounds. We used old mismatched plates, thrift store candlesticks and epoxy to attach them. Make sure to measure the sides so you are center.

Matt, Phillip’s brother-in-law, started brewing up some Chocolate Milk Stout and Barleywine for the reception. We helped out a tiny bit, but we’re so thankful that he’s doing this for us…there is so much to be done! He’s super talented at brewing, so it’s gonna be good.

…We also started making Kahlua for the coffee bar for the reception, because it has to age a few months. Stay tuned for the recipe and pictures! ;)

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2 thoughts on “DIY Project Update

  1. I can’t see the cake plate pictures, but another (inexpensive) idea for lifts is using small cardboard boxes of different heights and sizes and covering them up with different decorative table cloths.

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