The New Abode on Rockwood Road

We are really excited to be finishing off the shop apartment. I spent a fair amount of time with Jesse and my Dad building the shop from inception and I have a lot of memories hanging out with Jesse working on our cars and motorcycles in the shop.  I never imagined living there but I am glad Tricia is up for moving out to the ranch, it will be a fun place to start our married life together. Even though the flat is a small space, it has character. I look forward to working together on projects in the shop, stargazing, going on morning runs or evening walks in the hills, building a fun patio area, brewing beer, and planting a garden in the spring. I love my “home gym” setup: miles of dirt roads, a big flat topped boulder for bouldering (climbing boulders without ropes), free weights, and lots of quiet fresh air.  We might even put up a climbing wall on one of the shop walls, after all we have our rock climbing projects too! Don’t worry fellow climbers, we will be back on the climbing scene soon enough!

The shop apartment does still need a ton of work.  Finalizing the copper for the plumbing has been frustrating with some leaks that had to be re-done.  Next up is putting in the gas line which is contingent on deciding on a kitchen layout as the stove and refrigerator will be propane.  Living on Rockwood Road for those of you unfamiliar is not simple.  The bumpy dirt road is just a foretaste of the obstacles you encounter when you set out to live on the hill.  Fortunately I have a connection with SDG&E (Steve’s Diesel Gas and Electric).  This means we will be hooked into my Dad’s wells and water tank and we will get electricity from his diesel generator which only runs 8-10 hours a day.  The remainder of the time the lights are run off a giant battery bank.  Solar is an option, but the generator runs several pumps and other houses and so proves cost effective.  Tricia will probably encounter a few lifestyle adjustments, but really it is not that different, maybe the 20 minute drive to the nearest store will be the biggest adjustment.

After plumbing the gas and water is finished it will be insulation and drywall.  I have been watching Heather finish the drywall for her kitchen and living room re-model and it is surely a lot of work.  Painting, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and flooring will take time too.  Then there are doors to be hung, lighting and receptacles to be hooked up and a myriad of other small things.  Fortunately Jesse and my Dad are on board with the project.

The other night my Dad, referring to DIY,  asked what it is that we “do ourselves?”.  You see, on Rockwood Road, it is second nature, you do it yourself or it doesn’t happen.  I enjoy the work of building and I am arranging to take a little extra time off work (in theory there is less tax work after October 15) to work on our new abode.  It is a welcomed change from sitting in my office, focused on my computer screens.  Building the home you will live in is satisfying indeed.



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