A Picture is Worth…

Here are some of our engagement session photos, enjoy!

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And here are just a few notes about our photographer search…

Right after we were engaged, a friend of Phil’s, who had taken pictures of him and his friend Nic climbing in Zion earlier this year, made us a generous offer. A very generous one. He offered to do an all-film wedding for us. It would be his first one. He would be shooting alone. This is when my excitement turned to nervousness.

I started to look at my options and found a photographer in my area that would be almost twice as much, but her style was vintage editing and I loved it. A friend highly recommended her so I attempted to get her secured. Not available for my day. Back to the drawing board.

We have a number of friends that are photographers, so this decision was very difficult. While Ryan’s offer was extremely generous and I must say, a very tempting one because of the novelty, I decided to pursue a recommendation by Anjuli, the vintage photographer. She highly recommended using her second shooter and offered to do the editing herself so I could get the post-production finishes I really loved. Bada-bing, bada-boom–photographer is chosen.

After going through this process, I found a couple of helpful tips:

  1. Ask your friends who they used, look at the pictures and see if you like the style.
  2. Look for someone that has the style you want and takes pictures the way you want them. I like well framed and well taken shots that don’t show my double chin. Call me crazy, but I only wanna pay thousands of dollars for photos that are actually flattering. If action shots are your thing, then make sure they like doing them and do them well.
  3. For engagement photos: Choose your clothes wisely. Make sure you don’t wear clothes that potentially make you look overweight. Remember: the camera adds 10 lbs.
  4. Use the interweb to find poses and engagement photo ideas, you may have to come up with some of the ideas while doing the shoot. Since you’re not a professional model, you’ll need to have some idea of how you want to look in the pictures and do your best to pose well, but not look awkward.
  5. When talking to photographers, make sure they have your date available first and foremost. Then see what the package involves, which is usually included on their website or blog. I chose a 6 hour package, which is cutting it close. We will start pictures at 2, wedding at 4 and then pictures are done by 8 when cake will be wrapping up. An 8 hour package is more ideal, but it’s more important that I get really good shots than pictures of us dancing. My friends can take those pictures with their point and shoots.
  6. I’m spending more than I thought I would for photography, but it’s something that means a lot to me. Photography is how you will remember the day, don’t go cheap. Engagement photos are the same, do it right the first time.

That’s all I’ve got for now.


What did you think of that? Please leave a reply!

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