Extreme Makeover–the Apartment

Tricia: October 9th was the first day of renovations for the apartment and we are coming up on weekend 3 of Saturday renovations. On these Saturdays, Phil, his brother Jesse, his dad and I head up to the shop and work for a good portion of the day. I really just watch as they work, because I’ve been working on projects for the reception, such as wood signs. They are still in the process of deliberating how to go about doing certain aspects of the electrical, water or kitchen design. So far they have successfully put in a water facet outside the front door and it works! They’ve also semi-completed a design for the kitchen and have been working on putting the final touches on the plumbing. They will be putting up dry-wall as soon as all the details of water and electricity are squared away.

Here's the front door with the water pipe to the right. Woohoo! It's not much but it's something!

We were so fortunate that this apartment was half way done already by Phillip’s brother Jesse. He had built the shop to work on his cars with an attached apartment that was never finished. The apartment is around 550 square feet. Yes, a very small apartment. It’s two stories and has a vaulted ceiling on the top-level. It’s windows open up to the beautiful rolling hills that surround the ranch–completely absent of any other houses. We will barely have room for a dining room and kitchen down stairs and a small sitting area and bedroom upstairs. We have been throwing around the idea of having an outdoor seating area out front with a fire pit, grill, etc. for outdoor entertaining. We love to entertain, but this place will only be able to accommodate people outside for the most part. The plus side: a gigantic garage. A ten car garage to be exact. What’s that you say? Do we want to set up a little area for crafting and projects? Yes, please!

Here's the kitchen and beyond that the bathroom.

Here's from the bathroom looking the other way toward the kitchen and front door.

Here's the bathroom looking toward the front door.

I’ll post pictures of the progress as soon as there is visible progress. For now, it’s just conceptual. 2 months to go with not just a reception hall on the line, but also a place for us to live. Yikes. :)

Phillip:  Slow start, but it will be ready by December 31.  Things are getting rolling, I am learning to do and re-do plumbing.  Come out for the giant farm yard sale next weekend.  Maybe you can buy a tractor…


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