Paper Goods

A note about our Save the Dates.

Could we make these Save the Dates any more complicated? We are trying to design a post card and we can’t seem to figure out how to do it. I thought we were DIY. I thought we lived in an age where stuff like this was the click of a button. We have 3 months to go and need to get a Save the Date in the mail asap. We have this great idea about a Save the Date that incorporates climbing and we really want to do it. Hopefully the logistics wont keep us from getting these Save the Dates out in time. I am thinking we might incorporate the climbing part in the reception and create a quicker, easier Save the Date at Walmart. :)

As for invitations. My maid of honor and I went to Michaels to try out floral arrangement stuff. We swung by the card-stock section and picked up 2 packs of brown and 1 pack of cream card-stock for our invitations. We then went to Office Depot and picked up some creamish envelopes. I got two packs of 3 fold-programs in cream as well. We debated a little about the colors of the cream and the mismatch of the envelopes, but came to a decision and called it a night.

Invitations and programs: $20.

My plan is to get a party together to create these invitations. I’d like to do heat embossing or use a Cuttlebug in the image of a tree on the invitation and tie the two pieces of paper together with distressed ribbon or sew them together. The response card will just be a postcard created out of the cream card-stock to save on postage and the price of more envelopes. My roommate and bridesmaid, Brooke, and my maid of honor have agreed to hand address every single one. Their hand writing is a font of its own and I am so excited that they have agreed to do this for me!

Phillip: I have the save the dates under control.  Really is simple.  The hard part is picking a picture and getting the addresses together…

Phillip: Update – this is a lot harder than I thought.  Settling on a design and fiddling with layout, paper sizes etc. is time consuming.  We are happy with the product now though.  Next to get it printed.  Mail merging or address labels?


3 thoughts on “Paper Goods

  1. We got the save the date on Tues. Cooper has already learned to tie the knot.
    I am willing to help with the invitations if you need more help.

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