Paper Goods Update

OK, we finally finished the save-the-dates after a few weeks of working on them. See an older post about the initial process of getting them started here. Phillip and I designed the postcard on Microsoft Publisher. We borrowed the image of the knot from a climbing website and I photoshopped it a bit. We choseTraveling Typewriter, available for download at We purchased the 110# cardstock from Staples and the extremely small rope from Nomad Ventures in Escondido (a local climbing store). We saved it as a pdf and took it to Staples, had them print 4 per page, which creates perfect post cards. We printed little dots where we needed to punch holes for the rope to make our lives easier. Before we printed them all, we took a sample to the post office to ask about the cost of postage. Since the ropes made the post cards non-machinable (anything of an unusual shape that can’t go through the machine), we had to pay a little extra in postage (about the same as an envelope invitation).

We had fun thinking up the idea, tweaking ideas we found on the web to come up with something unique to us. The hardest part was figuring out which program to use to design it and getting a straight answer of how much it would cost from the post office. We wanted to make sure the ropes and knots would make it through. FWIW, you can tie knots of string on your postcards and the postage will only be slightly more expensive. Good to know.

All of our guests are probably receiving their save-the-dates right now and hopefully checking out the blog to watch our planning progress. Welcome! Enjoy! I hope you enjoyed the first part of the festivities–the save-the-date. I look forward to seeing all of your happy faces at the reception, enjoying a pint of our chocolate milk stout and the twinkle lights surrounding you. We’ve got a long way to go, but only a short amount of time. :)

As for the invitations, much has changed with that and I’ll be writing more on that soon.

Enjoy some snap shots of the process of making the save-the-dates and some how-to pictures for tying the knot if you are having trouble. ;)

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