There are a bunch of projects that I have collected on Pinterest that we would like to do for the reception. I don’t know what I’d have done without Pinterest! It saves the image and the link for anything on the interweb. So fantastic. It’s search engine to search for other people’s pins is extremely helpful as well. Both pinning stuff I find in my blogroll and re-pinning other people’s pins has given me so many ideas in one place. I recommend it for anyone, for anything: recipes, party planning, decorating your home, etc. In addition to Pinterest, I don’t know what I’d do without Phillip’s parents and their house! Phillip’s father has a workshop full of tools, paint, saws of every kind, and countless other gems that seem to come out of the wood work (*pun). Finally, all of these projects would not be possible without the loving, patient and helpful support of Phillip. He knows how to use the tools and is so excited for every single project that I suggest. He often begins in skepticism, but by the end, he is the one suggesting key aspects of the project and applying the last coat of paint. This wedding and reception is truly a blend of the two of us and filled with things that we love and love to do.

So here is a small list of DIY projects that I would like to do and will be posting pictures as we finish them:

  1. A few wood signs with cute phrases on them for the cake table, the directions up on the road for parking, a sign at the entrance to tell people there is no assigned seating and more general ones to hang around the shop on the walls for a fun decoration.

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  2. Centerpieces: we are going to construct 22 little, shallow, wood boxes and fill them with succulents and herbs in clay pots. Then I’m going to fill them in with moss or rocks so you can’t see the pots so they just look like succulents and herbs planted in a box. Succulents will be planted in one box, herbs in the next and they will rotate like this on every table. These will double as our party favors and the centerpieces. Guests will be able to choose if they want a herb or a succulent.
  3. Cake plates: a minor detail, but I saw a DIY project on how to make a cake plate out of a decorative plate and a candlestick. I picked up some candle sticks at the local thrift store, but have yet to find cute plates. I might have to make a trip to Ross. Since we decided not to have a cake, but many cakes of all shapes and sizes, I want to supply some cake plates for decoration and elevation, so they aren’t all sitting flat on the table.
  4. Invitations and programs: I wrote a post on this one, more to come with this… I might end up doing them on wood veneer…
  5. Succulent wreaths and living walls. I’d like to construct them for decorations on the walls of the shop.
  6. Monograms: I found a few ideas for various monograms to be used as decoration on either the cake tables or the walls.
  7. The Bar: we are going to either buy or rent wine barrels and put a piece of wood or a door over them and call it a bar! I hope to serve two kinds of cocktails in drink dispensers, 3 home-brews and wine. We are serving the beer and cocktails in mason jars… which I’m in the process of collecting from friends and family.
  8. Draping fabric: we will be draping fabric in the doorway of the shop and maybe from the ceiling. You can rent this material from the party supply store.

That’s all that I can think of for now. I was going to do repurposed chandeliers, by buying old ones at thrift stores and painting them, but I found some very nice chandeliers at Ikea for only $39.99. So cheap. I still have to think of what we will do in the center aisle of the chapel, which will be DIY as well. A number of other details, like a sprig of herbs tied with twine sitting on the napkin at the reception, the staircase at the ceremony, and all the smaller details of lighting, have not been figured out yet either. I think as we get into November I’ll start to focus on the smaller stuff as the bigger stuff is checked off the list.

I love DIY. We both do. We have redone furniture, I’ve repurposed clothing (in fact, I bought a dress the other day at the thrift store and can’t wait to fix it up), and we love hanging out in the shop trying out different projects. So this wedding is the perfect combination of DIY for our taste. I was overwhelmed at first, but I see now that I have a good amount of time as long as all of the major stuff is in place. I can always round-up my friends for craft days! :D


4 thoughts on “DIY

  1. Tricia & Phillip, I can see that you two were made for each other. This whole process sounds like a dual effort & a wonderful way to begin your lives together.

    • It sure is! Phillip surprises me daily with how helpful and committed he is to all of the details that most guys want nothing to do with. He digs the hands on projects and any excuse to use a saw. :)

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