Dressed in White

Always wanted a short wedding dress. Audrey Hepburn and her Funny Face wedding dress to be exact. I imagined myself in a bird cage veil with a low side bun and a flower/feather–think Twigs and Honey–Yes, I’ve read way too many wedding blogs in the past couple years as part of my DIY/Design blogroll repertoire.

So, I had a vision for my wedding dress–check (off of my Knot.com to do list). My mom and I went for a low key test run at David’s Bridal without an appt, on a Wednesday night. They fit us in an hour from when we came in, which was time enough to eat some dinner. Walking through the store and touching the fabrics, I realized that these same dresses that I had seen on-line and zoomed into every detail seemed so cheaply made in person. Disappointing, but it makes sense–You only wear it for one day and they can charge an arm and a leg because it’s a lot of fabric and they are in demand.

I tried on a total of 5, some short and some long. Surprise! Short and A-line dresses make me look chubby and have no figure. Long, fitted, drop waist dresses look better. I found two, longer and more fitted dresses, that I could decide between and called it a night.

Second round was 2 weeks later. My maid of honor came down from central California to do some dress shopping with me. I arranged for some of my friends to meet at David’s Bridal to help me make the decision. We broke for dinner with two dresses, one of the original two and a new Vera Wang dress that wowed everyone. I could barely eat. This was a non-refundable, you’ll look at the pictures forever, kind of purchase. Oh how my once indifferent feelings about wedding dresses changed when a huge price tag ended up on one that I really liked. I tried them both on one more time and quickly decided on the original one. I was plagued (maybe a little strong, but it’s poetic license here) with regretting my decision. It was beautiful, it was unique, it fit well and moved. It was just a little different and that made me nervous. The Vera Wang was so timeless–empire waist with just a twist of rustic because the fabric used on the top and the bow was fraying–it was beautiful. It was $300 more than the one I picked. So a couple days later my mom called me to make sure that I got the dress that I wanted. She too was thinking about what we affectionately call the Vera Wang. So we made an appointment that night and gave it one last try. We successful exchanged it, which is a miracle because that’s hardly allowed. I feel content and happy I chose the other dress, it seemed to be everyone else’s favorite too.

Here’s to trying on dresses… lots of them. One of the most difficult decisions for some of the silliest reasons–my love for pretty pictures makes me want to pick the perfect dress to create the perfect picture that fits the style of my wedding and that will make the groom glad he is marrying me. Too much to ask of a simple dress? Probably. :) Now to find the perfect photographer to take the perfect picture… ugh.


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