Hitting the Ground Running–Finding a Wedding Venue

We instantly began throwing out days after we were engaged. We decided our talked about October/November wedding would not be even remotely possible, so the next option was either early December or early January. We started to realize that with Christmas and New Years, not many people would be able to fly out for both. We tried to entertain the idea of having it later in the Spring, but one date stood out as the best option–New Years Eve. We thought of the pros and the cons, possible conflicts and problems, but came up with none that couldn’t be overcome by heaters in addition to quick and good planning.

Our first thought for a venue was Twin Oaks in San Marcos. A beautiful venue indeed, one that I had longingly looked at when doing research for a friend’s wedding. I did the calculations a year or two ago and realized that this would be a very pricey venue, but the fact that it was all-inclusive could provide peace of mind, which is priceless. However, what I didn’t realize is that it gets booked up a year or more in advance because they only do one wedding a day. Both a pro and a con. So we started to entertain other more creative options.

Phillip and I often take walks by his parents house, out into the grassy hills of the San Pasqual Valley in Escondido, CA. There isn’t much out there except the distant view of the city which fades into the ocean or horizon (depending upon the visibility) one way and rolling hills that fade into small mountains in the distance the other way. At the top of his parents property is a small flat area where honey bees are kept at the moment. Tent? Heaters? This could happen. We discussed all of the things it would take to pull it off and decided it was worth a shot. San Diego is not a cheap place to have a wedding, so why not go for the DIYish, trendy, wedding in a field thing? The problem: the wedding is set for December. It could rain. We went forward with the planning, pricing out the tent, tables, chairs and heaters from a local party supply vendor, Affairs Party Rentals in Escondido. BTW, they are the cheapest in town. Remember, there is no water or electricity up there now, but the location is next to the water tanks Phillip’s family uses and apparently there is the possibility for power. It’s raw… but doable with some work. When my maid of honor came into town and I showed her the spot, we ventured to another part of the property where there is a large structure. It’s a large car garage that Phillip’s brother built. It’s almost the same size as the tent we would rent. Problem: there are old cars and a ton of other things in storage inside. Something inside says that this would work and that it might even be a better idea. We cast our votes and it’s decided, at least among the females, that this would be the better choice for a December wedding.

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So we have our work cut out for us. Or should I say, Phil has his work cut out for him. He promised that it was possible after I asked him 10 million times if it was. Phillip’s gracious family is helping us get the location ready and his dad was all on board. That brings me comfort that this is not the biggest imposition ever…even though I know that it is. Hopefully it will help Phillip’s dad accomplish something he’s been wanting to do anyway and will also give Phillip and I place to live. Oh, right, I forgot to mention. There is an apartment attached to the garage that Phillip’sbrother started, but never completed because he got married. So the goal is to finish that as well. Choosing this location will save us about $3,300 on the tent and will provide us a more secure location if it rains.

So, I’ve been on pinterest non-stop looking at barn weddings for ideas. Draped fabric, market lights and lanterns or chandeliers. Thrift stores here I come!


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