The Engagement : Part I~Tricia’s side of the story

I suspected it was going to happen, really I did. Everything was so casually done and the black-out really threw me off, so I didn’t know for sure. He was an hour and a half late to pick me up after work to go on a picnic, which in and of itself is not unusual because we do stuff like that all the time. The black-out gave his tardiness a cover story–traffic.

He picked me up and we headed up to his parents avocado ranch in the hills of Escondido in the San Pasqual Valley. The hills are golden brown at this time of the year and the sunset was gaining on us which made the scene absolutely beautiful. We drove up a dirt road for a while, opened a gate that said No trespassing, and drove some more. No one lives up here. There are no houses, no electricity. We park the car in the overgrown dirt path we are using as a road, gather our picnic gear and head to the Oak Tree that we’ve sat under before. As we approach, I am looking at my feet so I completely miss the path that has been carefully crafted in the brush. Phil brings this to my attention and I look at the path and then the tree. There is a swing hanging from the tree! How sweet! Wait…there are also flowers on the swing bench, I notice as we arrive. This is it. I gave Phil glances of admiration, picked up the flowers and read the lettering that was carefully carved into the wood, “Tricia Lynn, Will you marry me?” He fumbled in his pocket for the ring and got on one knee when he asked the question and I responded, “Yes, of course I will!” and he began to slip the ring on my finger. He gasped a little when the ring caught on my knuckle. I finished putting it on my finger and reassured him that was the way it was supposed to fit.

We didn’t go ring shopping, I had no idea he had purchased a ring at all. He stole a ring from my bathroom that fit on my ring finger on the right hand to find out my ring size. He shopped for the perfect ring and carefully weighed his options. The ring that now sat on my finger was carefully chosen as a token of Phil’s love and desire to marry me. I had never wanted a diamond. I felt that the industry was so cookie cutter and shallow. A simple silver band would do. Perhaps my time in Europe changed me. Now, I really appreciate the gesture of the ring and Phil’s persistence on getting me something so valuable. Either way, it’s what the ring symbolizes that is most important to me. Though, I do like the way it sparkles. We finished off the evening in the sunset and quiet of the mountain. The lights out in the city, it was so dark up there. You can often see all the way to Del Mar and Oceanside from up here. This night, you could see much more than normal because of the black-out.

I love the swing Phil made for me. I love the fact that he made it by hand, tied it up with a climbing rope that I really didn’t like climbing on any more because it was so old and that it was hung there beforehand. Love the thought and energy that went into planning this proposal. Even more, I love that now I have promised to marry and he has promised to marry me, the most amazing man who I am so thankful our Lord brought into my life. Phil is one of a kind and is a rare breed. I can’t imagine my life any other way.



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