Taking a Break

I’m currently working on writing my master’s thesis and I have a month left until the rough draft is due. So, I will be taking a break from blogging for a little while, but you can bet your buttons (pun) I’ll be back at it with vengeance! As soon as I graduate in May, climbing, sewing and reading whatever the heck I want will be top priorities. :)

I sense awesome climbing adventures are on the horizon because plans are brewing for Idyllwild, Yosemite and lots of local climbing at Woodson. I’d really like to post about every Woodson climb I do from now on with pictures and beta. Sort of for other people, but mostly for me to remember what I’ve climbed, how to get there and to remember the beta. BTW, wouldn’t a blog about a year of Woodson climbs (sort of like A NEW DRESS A DAY blog), where someone climbs everything at Woodson, be awesome?! Maybe two years? Pictures, beta, etc… I really think it would be great. BUT, I can’t climb that well yet, so it’s just a pipe dream right now.

I’m reading a few biographies of women climbers, so some books reviews and some reflection on those will be in order. As well as other fiction books I’ve been reading and a theology must read list I’ve created throughout my time at seminary.

I have a few sewing projects that I can’t wait to get underway. I will attempt to alter a cardigan (see the earlier post about it) and a dress I bought at a thrift store and I’m going to turn it into a shirt. I’ll finally get on those pin cushion rings. As well as ‘thrifting’ adventures, because I’ll finally have time to venture out to all of the local thrift stores. Who knows what will happen then.

Oh, summertime, how I love thee. Can’t wait. One of the hardest projects I have ever undertaken will be coming to a close in just about two months. Hard to believe. Now to figure out what to do with the rest of my life… :) The possibilities are endless.


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