Piety… or Pie on Sunday.

My roommates and I made a blueberry pie with a lattice top this afternoon. De-lish.

*Note: I made this pie with flour as a thickener for the filling, but a friend just suggested tapioca pudding instead, because my pie came out kind of watery.  

Making the pie crust:

Here is the recipe for the pie crust. 

You have to measure out 1/2 c. of shortening,
but then remove a tablespoon.
Cut in the shortening until it is well mixed in. 
Then tablespoon in ice water slowly until it forms a dough,
not too sticky but so that it sticks together. 
Like so.
Roll half of the dough slightly bigger than your pie pan.
The other half of the dough will be for the top.
Fold it over the rolling pin
to transport to the pan so you don’t rip it. 
Press gently down to form it to the pan.
Cut off the excess. 

Making the filling:  

Flour, sugar and cinnamon. 
Frozen blueberries. 
Fresh would be better,
but the grocery store sold out for this little project. Lame. 
Spoon it into the crust and
cover with a tablespoon of lemon juice. 
Then drop in a tablespoon of butter. 

Now to make the lattice top:
Now we use the other half of the dough.
Roll it out and cut it into half inch strips.
Place the strips slightly apart. 
Pull back every other strip and place a strip down going the opposite direction. 
Put the strips back. 
Now you have to pull the strips back going the other direction.
Same thing though, every other one, the opposite ones this time. 
Put them back. 
Repeat until it is done. 
Beautiful! It’s OK if the strips don’t fit…
Just cut them off! 
Then, with a little bit of ice water on your fingers,
get the bottom crust wet and press the strip down. 
Cover the edges with tin foil,
make sure its shiny side out. 
Sugar the top and don’t let roommates pick at it. 

What did you think of that? Please leave a reply!

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