Mexico to Argentina

A good friend of mine, whom we call Nigel, but that’s not his real name, is moving to Argentina to become an Anglican missionary. This Monday, my friends and I grilled up a good old fashion Carne Asada to say Hasta Luego to our dear friend. I bought 13 pds. of Carne Asada at Kennedy’s Karne in Escondido. Most of it was marinaded, but I bought a small portion of it unmarinaded, because it turns out that the marinade they use contains MSG and Nigel is gluten-free. I found this recipe on-line for a gluten-free marinade. Smells amazing. Tastes amazing. We grilled the carne asada for a few minutes on each side at 375 degrees on the grill. You chop the meat up into small bits to serve in tacos.

I got 6 1/2 cups of pinto beans done using the crock-pot (6 quart). Just turned it on low for 6 hours with the water covering the beans by at least 2 inches. I threw in there a couple of yellow onions, a few cloves of garlic and 2 tablespoons of saltPresto!

Cooked 5 cups of mexican rice! Just brown the rice in oil, aka “toast” the rice. Pour a small can of tomato sauce and water into a liquid measurement to measure two cups and add it to the rice. Then add one bullion cube per cup of rice. Make sure the bullion cube dissolves and distributes evenly. Pour in a can of corn (drained) and a can of chopped carrots and peas. Simmer for about 20 minutes or until the water is gone. You’ll have legit Mexican rice. 

We also covered green onions in olive oil and salt and grilled them with the carne asada. On the table, I put out a dish of queso fresco and radishes for those who really wanted to eat authentically. A tortilla, some carne, a little queso fresco, some salsa and you’re in business. 

P.S. I love leftovers. Especially after a carne asada.


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