Altering Thrift Store Clothing

New Dress a Day Blog

She’s still at it! New Dress a Day, a blog that exhibited a year long project of buying thrift store clothing and creating a new piece of clothing every day. The author had a budget of $365 for 365 days. Everyday I followed this blog, I’d eagerly await her transformation of a zebra print moo-moo into an adorable dress, that she’d feature in a picture with cocktail in hand. Her designs were so creative and seemed so simple. She wasn’t picky about her seams or stitching, which made her able to do so many dresses, but if she had the time, these dresses would be completely wearable. Well, now that the project is over, she’s still working with scraps and such to make accessories and blouses. She’s also moved into her own website! Check her out!

How to: Thrift Store Alterations

If you like what you see, a friend just sent me a link for a book on how to alter thrift store clothing! I like what I see, but I definitely think that New Dress a Day could be developed into a fantastic book on alterations! We’ll see what she does. 


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