Community Sewing Class!

In December I received a catalogue in the mail for short, non-credit courses being offered at a local community college. To my delight, there was a short beginners sewing class being offered every Tuesday in the month of February for 2 hours! Intermediate sewers had the option of bringing a project they wanted to work on.

Tomorrow will be the 3rd time the class has met, however, I missed the first class, because I just couldn’t say no to climbing… When two loves collide, what can I say? I showed up to the second class last Tuesday only to find out that they learned how to thread a sewing machine and sewed on pieces of paper without thread. Lame-o. Perfectly fitting for a beginner class, but not for me. In the second class (my first) last Tuesday, we learned a bunch of different ways to do seams and the teacher took the last 30 minutes of the class to show us how to read a pattern. So tomorrow everyone will be bringing in a pattern and working on them with the assistance of the teacher.

In retrospect, I probably would have gotten very lost had I started to work on my pattern the first night (because I’ve never used a pattern before and reading them for the first time seems equivalent to Mandarin 101) and I would have been very bored had I actually participated in the beginner session. So I’m thankful how it all worked out. With the help of my roommate who does know how to read a pattern, I have all of my fabric, double-fold bias tape, piping, etc. for my apron and I’m excited to get started! Depending upon how this goes, I think I’m going to try to produce a few of these and put them up for sale on Etsy… We’ll see how we do.

After I finish this pattern, I might write up a post on how to read a pattern or just share a link to a post already in existence.

I’m going thrift store shopping with a friend in a week or so, so I might pick up some stuff to put up on Etsy as well. I really can’t wait until I finish my master’s thesis, because I want to try to get an Etsy shop up and running.


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