Christmas Treats

3 different treats, each in their own little baggies, all inside of a cute felt basket found in the dollar section of Target. This was my very first attempt at making truffles and carmel. I had to buy a candy thermometer and brace myself for this. All in all it wasn’t bad. Everyone seemed to enjoy getting a bucket of homemade sweets and it was fun attempting something new!  


I did everything except for the heating pad, I just microwaved the chocolate for 20 seconds and then 10 second intervals until it was the right consistency. 

Here are other options that look good:

The hardest part is shaping the chocolate balls without melting them in your hands. After that, it is difficult to dip them in the chocolate coating and the topping without messing up the shape. I used toothpicks so that I would keep the damage to a minimum. I think it worked well. 

One thing that I didn’t do was put the truffles in little white wrappers like See’s candy. That would be a nice touch, but I just threw them in clear gift baggies. 

White Chocolate


Cocoa Powder

Aren’t they just so darn cute! 


This was a recipe given to me by a friend, if you would like it, just let me know. Getting the mixture to the right temperature is a slow process and I might have burnt it by turning up the heat. There is no rushing it. 

Make sure to spray your pan (I used Pam). Then cut it into pieces and wrap with wax paper. Yum!