New Dress a… Month

So after reading that blog, I stopped by the thrift store in town right before Halloween to see if I couldn’t dig up something for a costume. I started seeing a bunch of dresses that had nice patterns, but were just too long. I got to thinking, “I should just hem these and they would be cute little hipster dresses. They’d look like I bought them from Anthropologie!” So I bought 5. I just couldn’t leave some of them behind. I also bought two belts that fit the smallest part of my waist, that way I could wear them high up on my waist on these dresses. The belts: $1.50. The dresses: $6.50 each (which is pricey, but that’s Goodwill for you).

I brought them home and did some quick hems. It was rough at first, because I had no idea what I was doing, but then I got the hang of it. I got some advice from those that know how to sew and I googled some stuff. Soon enough, I had 5 new dresses in my closet. Every time I wear these dresses, I get compliments. I love wearing something that no one else is wearing!I bought these dresses at the end of October and I just finished the last dress yesterday (The red one on the right).

Before and After

My friend had me try to fix some holes in his jeans. You just put a piece of denim behind the hole and do a million zig zag stitches over it… turned out pretty good! (Don’t forget to use blue thread)

I have one more dress that I just recently got from a thrift store a few days ago, I will be altering this one soon! 


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