How to Make a Pillow Case Apron

If you are a newbie to sewing, this is a great project to try! If you’re like me, you’ve probably purchased a pattern for an apron or thought about it, got the pattern in the mail and screamed when you opened it. It’s like buying furniture from Ikea, complete with their own language, except there is no “how-to” anywhere in the pattern. Luckily, I have a roommate that will help me sort out those patterns later. Until then, a friend of mine showed me this easy-to-make pillow case apron just in time to get some finished for Christmas presents. 

Step one: Get to a thrift store, purchase some cute pillow cases (and sheets for extra material). You might want to buy different colored sheets and pillowcases for some contrast. 

Step two: Sew up the open side of the pillow case. 

Step three: pleats. Just make a few folds starting toward the center, folding them away from the center. Pin them. Try to make them symmetrical. Then sew them down with one long stitch across the top. 

Step four: Make the waist band. Cut out a piece of fabric a little longer than the apron. It should be wide enough to fold over. Fold over the ends and iron. Pin it to the top of the apron. Sew the waist band to the apron, but don’t sew the ends shut. 

Fold the sides in a little and iron. 

 Step five: Cut two strips long enough to be the ties. Make them a little less wide than the waist band.  Do the same thing, fold them over and then fold over the sides and iron. Sew these ones completely. Sew the ends and the sides shut. Then stick them in the ends of the waist band and sew the waist band ends shut. 
On this one, I didn’t make the ties thinner than the waist band, so I had to pleat it a little to fit it in the waist band. 
This is an example of sewing the ties around the edges. 

 Step six: Now for the pocket. Cut two pieces of fabric a little bit bigger than you want for the pocket. Put the nice side of the fabric against the nice side of the other piece. Sew around the edges of the two pieces in a perfect square. Leave at least 3 inches un-sewn. Turn it inside out. Sew this to the apron wherever you want. Make sure those 3 inches of un-sewn pocket are either on the sides or on the bottom so you can sew them up when sewing it to the apron. 
This is the pocket after it’s turned inside out. I’m showing you the 3 inches that are not sewn. 
The part that was not sewn is on the bottom right hand corner, but you can see it because I sewed it shut when I sewed the pocket to the apron. 


Thrift Store Steals

White clutch style purse from Valley Thrift Store in Escondido, CA.

Red belt from Valley Thrift Store in Escondido, CA

Oxfords. OK… not a thrift store, but still vintage looking. DSW, Steve Madden. 

New Dress a… Month

So after reading that blog, I stopped by the thrift store in town right before Halloween to see if I couldn’t dig up something for a costume. I started seeing a bunch of dresses that had nice patterns, but were just too long. I got to thinking, “I should just hem these and they would be cute little hipster dresses. They’d look like I bought them from Anthropologie!” So I bought 5. I just couldn’t leave some of them behind. I also bought two belts that fit the smallest part of my waist, that way I could wear them high up on my waist on these dresses. The belts: $1.50. The dresses: $6.50 each (which is pricey, but that’s Goodwill for you).

I brought them home and did some quick hems. It was rough at first, because I had no idea what I was doing, but then I got the hang of it. I got some advice from those that know how to sew and I googled some stuff. Soon enough, I had 5 new dresses in my closet. Every time I wear these dresses, I get compliments. I love wearing something that no one else is wearing!I bought these dresses at the end of October and I just finished the last dress yesterday (The red one on the right).

Before and After

My friend had me try to fix some holes in his jeans. You just put a piece of denim behind the hole and do a million zig zag stitches over it… turned out pretty good! (Don’t forget to use blue thread)

I have one more dress that I just recently got from a thrift store a few days ago, I will be altering this one soon! 

Malibu Cliffs Next Weekend

Some friends and I are headed to Malibu to do some rock-climbing next weekend. I’ve never been, so it should be pretty awesome. Before I go, I am on the look-out for a new harness and maybe some new shoes. Strangely enough, when I first began climbing years ago, I was much thinner. The shoes I bought years ago are also comfortable to wear, which is not the object of climbing shoes. So I bought comfy shoes as a newbie climber, which I need to upgrade now to a shoe that will make my toes curl and I need to upgrade to a larger size harness.

I bought a pull-up bar for my doorway and I am going to start working on building up to a pull-up. Right about now, I can only lift myself an inch… if that. I’ll be at the gym a lot this next week.

Shortbread Christmas Cookies

We are having a little Christmas Party tomorrow night, so I thought I’d make some shortbread cookies. Maybe this will be a little incentive for people to come. Who doesn’t love 2 cups of butter, brown sugar and a little flour? These are the easiest cookies to make and they are a universally beloved cookie!

I cut them into Christmas shapes, poked a few rows of holes in them with my fork so they’d look like authentic Shortbread cookies (kinda like fork marks on a peanut butter cookie, it’s not a peanut butter cookie unless it has those you know.) … done.